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Mission & Centre Background
People-Oriented & Professionalism First

"238 Day Surgery and Endoscopy Centre" provides professional, safe and efficient outpatient endoscopic examination and treatment at reasonable charges. The Centre is managed and operated by a group of dedicated medical professionals, with advanced medical equipment and effective management team, we adhere to our conscience and professionalism in serving our clients.

The Centre is managed and administered by “UMP Healthcare” group, conveniently located at 238 Nathan Road, around two minutes walking distance from Jordan MTR Station.

Centre features
Comfortable environment
Spacious environment with two individual endoscopy rooms for diagnosis and surgery. We offer restroom to facilitate our patients to take rest after surgery under monitoring by our nurses. We also provide individual lockers for our patients to uphold privacy and security of their properties.

Infection control surveillance
A separated clean and scrub room equipped with automatic disinfection cleaning equipment prevent cross infection and uphold hygiene and medical safety standard.

Advanced medical facilities
The Centre is equipped with world famous medical equipment brand, Olympus endoscopes, with professional peripherals, which provides quality medical images to enhance the reliability of diagnosis.

Professional medical team
Endoscopy procedure is performed by experienced doctors and assisted by professional nurses. The Centre is managed by “UMP Healthcare” group, which possesses well experienced in medical administration sector.

Patient Management
We embrace professional patient management and value our patients’ need. We also committed to maintain effective communication with patients in particular providing clear directions to patients on the points-to-note and the procedures relating to the treatment and post-surgical care.

Convenient location
The 238 Day Surgery and Endoscopy Centre is located in the heart of Kowloon, 238 Nathan Road. It only takes about 2 minutes’ walk from Jordan MTR station.